Our expertise

We’re experts in software development and are proud to have implemented some of the most technically challenging projects in the industry.

How do we do this? We are fortunate to have among our ranks an eclectic and highly capable team of software developers with experience of working at the high end of a number of industries and technologies.

Trading Platforms

Looking to create a trading platform that works faster than those used by the major investment banks? We’ve created systems that put the banks to shame and can create similar systems for you that can be used to trade data on the web.

Augmented Reality

Seeking to create an augmented reality experience? Our developers created the first and most lauded global augmented reality experiences and continue to lead the way for both high end and competitively priced AR experiences.

App Development

Need an app? We build entertaining, functional apps with high usability performance for the iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices.

Real people

We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our clients, and being able to fulfil them with simple, yet efficient solutions. No technobabble. No fuss. Just something that works properly.